Our Team

Our team delivers a unique service by merging the experience of a licenced Private Investigator and a specialist Workplace and Industrial Relations Advisor who is admitted as a Solicitor in the State of Queensland and has extensive commercial litigation and employment law experience.

The combination of expertise we offer means that our clients benefit from the combined skill and experience at a cost effective and affordable rate without compromising the level of service and delivery of results.

Why us?


Devaney Investigations operates with a commercially minded and results driven approach. We are confident in our ability to deliver results and for that reason, we offer either fixed fee pricing or hourly rates for our clients. 

We are passionate about the work we do. We run a low cost business to make our services cost effective for our diverse clientele.  We are always happy to discuss with our clients fixed or stage based pricing to accommodate their needs and expectations. 

In addition we provide our clients with detailed estimates of the cost of the work to be undertaken and we never incur costs without your prior written agreement. 


The services we offer are varied and broad due to the combination of skill sets and experience Devaney Investigations has to offer. 

Our services include:

  • Process serving for law firms and corporations
    Our competitive rates are a cost effective way for law firms and corporations to effect service of documents pursuant to legal requirements or for commercial convenience. Devaney Investigations collects the documents from the office of the law firm or corporation and obtains instructions for service of the documents. Following the service of the documents, Devaney Investigations returns the documents to the office together with a sworn Affidavit of Service (if requested).
  • Collection and delivery of sensitive documents
    For documents which requires a heightened level of confidentiality and security. There are times when law firms or corporations urgently need to deliver a document which contains sensitive and confidential information. At those times, our clients often prefer to use our service instead of a courier service to ensure the security, confidentiality and prompt delivery of the document.

  • Process serving on individuals
    It is not uncommon for people who are expecting service of documents to evade process service. Our skilled team has a high success rate for service of documents upon difficult subjects.
  • Insurance and benefits fraud
    Devaney Investigations uses the latest surveillance equipment to deliver to our clients the evidence necessary to support allegations of insurance and benefits fraud.
  • Store security and merchandise loss prevention.
    Devaney Investigations delivers a service to retail stores and business owners which includes investigations and practical testing of the efficiency of their current loss prevention and theft strategies. The theft and loss of merchandise costs Australian business owners $810 million dollars each year. Devaney Investigations consults with business owners and employees to educate and develop an awareness of loss prevention strategies, policies and procedures to eliminate the risk of theft and loss prevention.
  • Workplace theft investigations
    Unfortunately it is often trusted employees who are responsible for theft within a business. Our trained investigators investigate allegations of theft and provide evidence and information to business owners which may support allegations of serious misconduct. Devaney Investigations also provides investigation reports which can be relied upon in the event of an employment litigation dispute.

  • Work-cover claims
    Our investigators use sophisticated surveillance equipment to provide evidence of fraudulent Work-cover claims.
  • Addiction investigations
    Our skilled investigators can be engaged by spouses or parents to investigate allegations of addiction or use of alcohol or drugs and suspected gambling.
  • Employee investigations
    Our specialised experience in workplace investigations and employment law enables Devaney Investigations to investigate allegations of misconduct, fraudulent absenteeism and bullying and harassment within the workplace with an independent and objective approach. Devaney Investigations provides to employers the factual evidence as well as a detailed and comprehensive investigation report to assist employers with important decisions regarding the workplace and business.
  • Partner infidelity
    Devaney Investigations undertakes discreet and confidential investigations into partner infidelity. The way in which we adjust our usual payment arrangement ensures that our client’s engagement with us remains confidential. The creative methods utilised to obtain the evidence is the driving force behind our success rate in this area of private investigation.

  • Child support fraud
    It is often the case that our clients suspect that their former spouse has not disclosed the true amount of their income for the purpose of their child support assessment. Devaney Investigations obtains and compiles evidence in a useful way for our clients to provide to Government Agencies for review.
  • Missing persons
    Whether it is a family member, friend or loved one that has been missing for days, weeks, months or years, Devaney Investigations is dedicated to assisting our clients to find the answers that are so desperately sought. Devaney Investigations accepts four missing person cases per year on a pro-bono basis to assist those that are affected by the devastation of a missing person.
  • Sub-contracting / Field Agent
    Devaney Investigations is licensed under the Debt Collectors (Field Agents and Collection Agents) Act 2014 and delivers a cost-effective field agent solution to assist companies involved in providing recovery services to the credit industry. Debt recovery and collection agencies are invited to contact Devaney Investigations to engage our services at a discounted rate.
  • Family law matters
    We are often retained by parties involved in family law disputes to gather evidence to be presented before the Family Law Court.